Welcome to Heriz Carpets

Our journey started in the atmospheric streets of Haarlem. Now, in the heart of vibrant Rotterdam, we, a family business with a passion that has continued for four generations, share our love for Persian carpets. Every time you enter our store, we welcome you with a cup of hot coffee and the rich story behind each carpet. Each hand-knotted carpet we exhibit carries a unique story and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity as proof of its authenticity.

Our collection is a mosaic with carefully selected pieces from countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, India, China and Pakistan. Every new carpet we add to our collection brings a piece of the world to our Rotterdam store. Whether you are looking for a classic design or something modern, we have a perfect piece for every taste.

But we offer more than just sales. We advise and guide you in finding the right carpet and share our extensive knowledge about cleaning, repair and restoration. We even give you the unique opportunity to first experience a carpet in your own space, so that you can see how it fits into your interior and how the light affects the carpet. And if you are curious about the magic behind the color and pattern of a carpet, we are here, with a cup of coffee in hand, ready to tell you everything.

We look forward to welcoming you and going carpet hunting together. With a varied collection and our expert advice, we are confident that you will find a piece that suits you perfectly. So what are you waiting for? Come visit us, experience the warmth and tradition of our store and immerse yourself in the world of handmade carpets. See you in Rotterdam!

The Book of Books

Heriz in the media

In 2022, the international bestseller author Ernest van der Kwast included the story of the owner of Heriz, Nadereh Andacheh, in his new book: 'The Book of Books'.