Dimensions: 180 x 124 cm


Gabbeh Multi 3564

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The word 'Gabbeh' comes from Farsi and means original, rough, natural. The rugs are made by nomadic tribes and the motifs are inspired by nature. The motifs vary enormously, but the appearance of the rugs is calm. The carpets have a high pile and a coarse knot, making them thicker than most carpets. They are usually made entirely of wool, including the warp. The wool used is of excellent quality, hand spun and colored with vegetable dyes. Characteristic are the beautiful, deep, natural colors. There are also Gabbeh carpets with a shorter pile and a higher knot density. These are called 'Gabbeh Kashkooli'.

Origin: India

Length in cm: 180

Width in cm: 124

Buttons / m2: 90.000

Thickness / mm: 16

Pole: Wool

Schering: Cotton

Color: Multi

Certificate of authenticity: Yes

Delivery time: 2-3 Days

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All our carpets are carefully and traditionally made by hand. Thanks to this manual production method, each carpet has its own character and nuances. These individual features ensure that each piece is a unique work of art in its own right, setting it apart from mass production and adding a personal touch to your space.